A Day Like No Other



    Star Wars has come to define such a large segment of culture. What other franchise has a single day dedicated to it? Or, one of the best minds in film satire it? It’s hard to believe that if things were just a bit different, in 3 short weeks, we’d be seeing a Star Wars movie few in my generation ever thought would happen. Oh well, 7 months.  Which, admittedly,  seems like an eternity. Especially after that trailer that you have watched a few hundred times, if you’re anything like me. There are worse fates. As we get closer to December, there is no doubt Disney and Lucasfilm will find many ways to remind us that we live in hallowed times.


May The 4th be with you, everyone.


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Joshua has been an avid fan of movies since he first saw Indiana Jones escape that rolling boulder and resoundingly punch Nazis to death. Forever wrestling with the notion of "why" in movies, he believes there is such a thing as "A Perfect Film."