So, I finally saw Ant-Man.
More like Mehnt-Man.
Look, I liked Paul Rudd and the perpetually underused Judy Greer. Also, the way they did Michael Pina’s stories was genius-level funny.
The rest is just a mess, though.
How exactly did Corey Stoll get into the Yellowjacket suit when it’s been tiny throughout the whole film? What really perpetuated his descent into madness? We are told about it, but it hardly registers. So, it’s always gotta be Hydra, does it? Oh, look, The Avengers aren’t home, but good thing there was something VERY important to steal from their base.This kind of stuff is what has driven me away from superhero movies recently. Admittedly, this is better than Avengers 2, which was kind of a kick in the nuts, as a story…but here again, we find Marvel falling into the trap of it’s own creation of serialized movie-making, where they insist on setting up things that won’t be paid off until a movie “next year.” Now, I realize that my holy grails(Star Wars, Indiana Jones) fare no better these days, but there is a key difference. At least with Indy: each movie was it’s own story. Until the Film That Shall Not Be Named, where they insisted on foreshadowing the fever dream nightmare of Shia taking up the mantle. And even the OT felt more confined to telling their own story than anything we’ve gotten with a Star Wars label since 1999. It kind of stinks that we’re looking at this kind of storytelling in perpetuity. Hollywood is great at running with one theme for far too long. Here’s hoping that the weirder things get with comic book movies, the better they get at conveying a central message that supports an overall theme instead of a central theme that takes any and all precedence over central messaging.
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