Captain America: Civil War

Courtesy: Punmagneto
Courtesy: Punmagneto




That was my reaction as the credits rolled on Cap 3. Marvel has finally gone and made a movie with the exact right stakes and emotion. That’s not to say I’ve hated all the super hero movies. Heck, I’ve watched them all, and each has merit. But here, we finally have what feels like the culmination of an emotional journey. And they didn’t have to blow up anything to prove it. Sure, there were explosions, but the heart of this conflict boils down to the drama centering on Cap, his relationship with Bucky, and his relationship with Tony Stark. This trifecta is what takes what could have been mere entertainment and turned it into a film that actually says something. That speaks to us on a deeper level than the act of fighting. It speaks to what we fight for and why we fight for it. Which is way more interesting than some repugnant bastard wanting to rule the world after destroying it. The moral quandary posed in the final act of this film literally breaks apart our beloved Avengers more effectively than Thor and Hulk ditching the scene at the end of the last movie. As an added bonus, this makes Cap 2 an essential piece of understanding Captain America as a character. I was wholly lukewarm on that sucker, and now I’m revisiting that opinion. Great shared universe movies can do that. And, to me, this is the first truly great Marvel movie. I’m glad to recommend it, without any caveats. It’s simply great storytelling and I enjoyed it immensely.

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