Elysium-poster2After District 9, it would have been easy for Neill Blomkamp to sit back and not take any more chances. He could have ridden the wave of sci-fi nerd happiness and milked it for all it was worth. Luckily, he is no George Lucas. District 9 was a fun little movie. A prelude of just how great a storyteller Blomkamp is. This summer, and with depressingly little fanfare, he released his next-and better-film, Elysium. It’s probably still in a theatre somewhere near you, and I highly recommend you check it out. It would be rude of me to expand on the plot, other than to tell you that Matt Damon is in it. He’s sort of a good guy. And a lot of boots are put to ass. But, to call it a brainless sci-fi/action film would disgrace how smart and plausible this movie really is. It’s achingly beautiful. So much so, I found myself close to tears as the credits rolled. To be able to say that about a sci-fi film is rare and exceptional. This movie deserves people’s attention. It pains me that it hasn’t broken even after over a month in release, but drivel like the newest found footage horror movies do so well after only one week. Elysium is a grown up movie. It knows exactly what it’s saying. It’s forthright. You don’t get that these days. You get endless marketing campaigns that promise you one movie, but then you’re delivered something barely coherent. Elysium is a blue collar film that should have found a wider audience. Here’s hoping the DVD sales keep Neill Blomkamp from having to make Generic Adam Sandler Comedy 16 nest year just so he can keep making movies.

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