ben_fosterThis movie really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much, but it had enough of a cast to interest me. Ben Foster is probably one of the most underused actors of his generation. And what can you say about Dennis Quaid? He’s transitioned well into the “older lead” position, and his performance in this is rock solid. Especially as things start to unravel as the plot unwinds. It’s very much sci-fi/horror, but there is more than enough jump cuts and building of tension to make it appropriate as an October movie. I especially like how, watching it the first time, they don’t give much away. We know what the main character knows. Nothing more. Things get trippy, as there’s a psychological element you don’t really anticipate from a film like this, and as Foster carries the bulk of the movie on his shoulders, I really enjoyed Quaid in a role that could have easily been terrible in lesser hands. His arc is unexpected and to say anything more would ruin it. This would be right at home on FX during this time of year. Better than that Green Lantern BS, anyway…this is an easy movie to watch. There’s no dull moments and it tells it’s story in a way that is truly engaging, which makes it better than a lot of “scary” movies you’ll see these days.

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