I See Your Schwartz Is As Big As Mine


When does this happen in the movie?

So, according to a website I’ve never heard of, Spaceballs 2 has some-admittedly pretty good looking- teaser posters hanging in subway locations in New York. My gut feeling says this is just an enterprising artist trying to show the world his work and not a Studio-approved campaign. Mel Brooks has said he’d like to make the sequel, but let’s be  honest, it would need to come together rather quickly.

First: Mel himself is knocking on heaven’s door(age-wise…who knows, maybe he’s perfectly healthy and will outlive all of us).

Second: 2 original cast members have already crossed over, leaving pretty big shoes to fill.

Third: 1 other cast member has effectively quit acting, meaning you may have to recast 3 of 5 major roles(providing you can even entice Daphne Zuniga and President Whitmore to come back), which means…

Bill Pullman would need to lead a movie for the first time since…Spaceballs? Maybe Zero Effect? ID4-2?


Anyway, I would call this a pretty well played prank or rumor at best, but we all love Spaceballs even if it’s not Blazing Saddles.


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