The Equalizer


There is nothing surprising about The Equalizer. It proceeds exactly as you would expect. Denzel is excellent, and all the stock Ruskies are mere fodder for his superheroic ability to kill.

It’s kinda boring, that way. Anton Fuqua just isn’t an action movie director. Thrilling drama? Dude nails it. The non-action scenes here are actually pretty good. The fights, while pretty gruesome, are just more than a little predictable.I think it was the stock “Denzel walking away from explosion in slow motion” scene where it jumped into being so corny I could actuallyenjoy it. The character’s name is Robert in this movie, but he might as well be Jason Voorhees to the Russian goons horny teenagers. You never doubt who will win, and while that is true of most movies like this, it isn’t hidden well here. Will I watch as this franchise grows into Denzel’s version of Jack Reacher? Sure. I just hope they get a different director for the rest of them.

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