The Ridiculous 6


I don’t know what really compelled me to fall on this particular grenade, but here we are. I had read about it and seen the tweets. I guess I just couldn’t resist. For some reason, I’m always hopeful Adam Sandler finds a way out of the morose “comedy” he seems so adept at and into more compelling drama. I loved Punch Drunk Love. I really liked Reign Over Me. I thought Funny People was very interesting. There’s a theme there. As he steered back into the “funny,” his dramatic quality decreased. I mean, I know what I was in for, since this was strictly billed as a comedy. But ho-lee cow does this thing hang around like a wet fart on a first date. Plodding and mundane, there is absolutely no joy present throughout. Oh, but they do try.


Spoilers to follow, but do you really care?



Some(Vanilla Ice) at least try to take their performance to appropriately absurd levels. I’m not sure it’s a good thing, but I won’t quickly forget the image of Mark Twain speaking 1890’s dialogue like a 1990’s white rapper(what Mr. Van Winkle lacks in acting range, the make-up department at least makes up for in making him LOOK like one Mr. Samuel Clemens-to a somewhat impressive degree…also, how many times can you shove “make” into a sentence?). The less said about that guy from The Voice, the better. He’s absolutely no Kurt Russell. David Spade is there. Which is pretty much how you can describe him in any Sandler movie, and Luke Wilson has probably the worst luck when drawing character backstories I’ve seen in a long time. Look, I have no doubt no one went in wanting to make a bad movie. But it happened. Hard.


Abysmal Native American name jokes, unwarranted donkey show allusions, and the waste of one perfectly good Steve Buscemi(not to mention Harvey Keitel). There just isn’t much comedy in a story that’s twist was evident the moment you learn who Nick Nolte is playing. Because, Nick Nolte. It’s abusively transparent and uninspired. No one will walk out(well, get up from the couch) feeling better about having spent 2 hours with this group of people who should have spent their time doing literally anything else. Heck, I would’ve gladly taken a movie about the Left Eye Gang wackos instead.


You will be tempted by Netflix’s incessant feature of this over the next few weeks at the top of your feed, but don’t fall for it. Watch Jessica Jones or Master Of None instead. It’s a sad day when TV shows become preferable to movies on this site. I can’t say it enough: The Ridiculous 6 sucks. Don’t waste your time.

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