Upside Down

downloadUpside Down is the kind of movie that must scare the crap out of studio executives. It’s got a pretty high concept, that takes some exposition to get through, but if you grasp it, it’s not that complicated. Two worlds close enough to share an atmosphere, yet with completely separate gravity. Never mind the physics, as yes, it’s pretty obvious this would never happen for “real.” But hey, there’s a reason it’s called Science FICTION, right? Anyway, the other “rule” is that the matter from one world can not be tethered by the gravity from the other. So, if you’re born in the lower world, you need a lot of help to hang out very long in the upper world. This is as allegorical as it gets. This film is about the haves and have-nots, and how they are separated. Forever. Nothing can overcome this separation. Oh, except Romeo and Juliet. Forbidden love. Isn’t that how it always goes? There were times in this that I rolled my eyes because of the obviousness of what they were trying to say, but that didn’t keep it from being enjoyable. I’m a sucker for romance, I guess. The director certainly glosses over a few things like how bullets seem to act impervious to the matter/gravity rule when being shot from one world to the other. But, you’ve gotta have action, I guess. There’s a lot of money on display. I’m curious to know how much they spent on the special effects. It’s really top notch. This felt like it was bound for theatrical release until some upper crust suit got scared they wouldn’t make their money back, so they shot it straight to DVD and now, Netflix. This would make a great “date night” movie for the couple who are into Sci-Fi and don’t want to go out to the theater to spend a ton of money. This movie follows it’s own rules for the most part, and tells a not so unfamiliar story, but it’s far from the worst way to spend an hour and a half. I think the concept is pretty awesome and it’d be cool to see something other than a love story use it as device. So, check it out if you have Netflix or rent movies(do people still do that?). It deserves to find it’s audience.

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